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Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review Sorrows (The Rogue Saga)

Flavored Reviews from the Indie Universe
by Ginger Gelsheimer

Sorrows (The Rogue Saga) 
by Donna Fernstrom

A Different Kind of Love Story

Brief synopsis: Sorrows (The Rogue Saga) is a story about Jay, a newly turned vampire who is agonizing over being turned without a choice. He is terrified of himself and what harm he may bring to others. Picked up by the Law Enforcement Circle just before he’s about to pounce on his first victim, he meets a whole cast of characters deeply familiar with the new world he has been thrust into. He fears Malachi, a monster from his past, never feeling safe.

Originality: I give the author kudos for putting an original spin on the vampire monster. Jay did at times reminded me of Louie from Rice’s vamps, when he self pitied himself and his situation, but overall this tale was unique. These vampires even do things like humans – shower, house hunt and oh… have sex (which was appropriately written without the excess detail-leaving something up to the imagination). The author also ties in a little magic with Gating from place to place and Kel, the mage.

Characters: I thought the characters were well developed, each with their own unique persona. I loved Naomi and her spunk and wished the author would have lightened Jay up a bit sooner with their relationship. I enjoyed following the story of Jay, but did feel bogged down at times with the depression hanging over him. Sprinkling some of the cool effects he inherited with his vampireness through some of the darkness, could provide a little relief here.  I was drawn in by the intensity in all of the relationships he had throughout the book running his emotional gamut to the max—jealously, fear, love.

Polish: The book is professionally done and well polished.

Recommendation: Have a nice glass of cab and a bloody steak with this one! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sorrows (The Rogue Saga) and would highly recommend it.


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