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Thursday, January 23, 2014

I found the pot of gold! It was at Google+!

So fun to look at old posts sometimes...

Well, don't I feel like it's Christmas today! I spend a ton of time online, talking with other Indie authors mostly from my Book Review Depot group-now Author's Cave. We share a lot and help each other figure out the grand universe of how to someday become a best seller, or something like that. Sometimes we talk about dinosaur or now bigfoot porn. oh and sometimes we have pie! virtually of course.

Anyway, after spending a day poking around in Google+, I feel like it's Christmas. It has to be the most underutilized and awesome tool out there and it doesn't appear that we are using it! Sure, most of us probably have an account set up, but how many are using it as a major tool every day?

I got into Google+ initially when my writing partner-hello Christinas Keats-and I needed a way to go back and forth between a Mac and PC. Perfect - Google Drive and Google docs. We can share, edit, comment and both be in the doc at the same time. 

Then...we moved up in the world into Google+ Hangouts! You can chat and video conference here - even in groups! Oh man, besides having a clear connection and non-interrupted video stream (like Skype) it has all sorts of fun things you can do with your screen - add glasses, the Eiffel Tower or a spaceship.

Oh, and this is my first Blog from Google+ :) I can do that here too. We'll see how it works.

Oh and I started a community for Book Review Depot, where I believe I can do a lot more through Google+ than with FB. Author's Cave.

My email and calendar were already in Google because I can't stand the new Yahoo format. I can get everything on my smart phone, all of my photo are there and Google+ will play around with fun things like adding snow to a photo or make a Christmas tree twinkle.

You can also create pages there for your books, or whatever like you can in FB. Going to do that after the new release of our Aurora Conspiracy franchise.

I think Google will even make you more searchable in their Google searches, which I don't know about you, but I typically say "Google it" when I need to find something. Sorry again Yahoo. But people don't Yahoo it.

...and as we all bow down to the high and mighty Amazon that controls our destiny... Google might be the one to give it a run for its money!


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