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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer

Flavored Reviews from the Indie Universe
by Ginger Gelsheimer

Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer 
by Demelza Carlton

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Great suspense the whole way through!

4.5 stars!

Brief synopsis: Nathan Miller becomes Caitlin Lockyer’s hero after he saves her after she was left for dead on the beach. Was it kidnap and rape, or something much bigger that turned Caitlin into a victim? Nathan’s secret torments him as he falls for Caitlin while he helps her heal both physically and mentally, never leaving her side. To make things worse, their nightmare isn’t over because the bad guys are still after Caitlin.

The story unfolded quickly, sucking you right in with the terrible situation Nathan Miller has found himself in. Ms. Carlton did a great job creating a suspenseful ghost that traveled with me through the entire story, building the anticipation the entire way. I knew things were going to be bigger than what we were being told…I knew it!

Originality: I enjoyed the story being told from Nathan’s point of view, sweating that his secret was going to show its ugly self. He did creep me out at times though with his mind running rampant with sexual thoughts, especially after such a horrific event, but I learned it was just part of Nathan. When Caitlin meets his sister, it put things in better perspective.  

Characters: The characters were well developed. Nathan’s anxiety had me on edge the whole book and his desperation in wanting to keep her safe. Caitlin’s determination and strength were inspiring.  I can’t imagine suffering through an ordeal as terrible as what Caitlin experienced. I felt her frustrations as she struggled to do even the simplest tasks, just wanting to feel normal.

Recommendation: This book goes well with spicy tuna sushi and hot jasmine tea because it has a lot of kick that needs to be soothed, just like Caitlin. I enjoyed reading Nightmares of Caitlin Locker and look forward to reading the sequel. 


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