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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google+ 101: Let's get started. Vol. #2

Okay, so hopefully I grabbed your attention with the first Google+ 101 post: Here's Why? I have been chirping about how wonderful Google+ is to my various groups to the point they probably want to stick me in a trunk and throw away the key, but it's only because I love them...

Now, resisters, the one thing I am hearing from you is...

"Google+ is too complicated" 

Let me make it easy for you. Today, I will start with the very, very basics.

STEP 1: Sign up for a Gmail email account if you don't have one. Click here to sign up for a Google Gmail account. A single user name and passwords gets you into everything Google. If you already have a gmail account, figure out the password you have forgotten or reset it. If you haven't forgotten the password, great job! Go to Step 2.

STEP 2: Once your account is set up, go to Your screen should look like this.

 This box... how you will access everything. To open up Google+, click on the +our name) button. Your home page in Google+ will come up. Once you start following people and adding people to your circles, you will see the posts that those people have made here.

Click on this button        to open up the Google products menu, which looks like this:

Notice, there is also "More" at the bottom. Google Wallet, shopping, finance, photos, books, and more are there. From this menu, you can access most of the things you need in your life that don't breathe.

The other button that looks like the  bell  is your notifier button. If it has a red number on it like this  someone has reshared, +1'd, commented or added you to a circle. If you have turned the notifiers on in the communities you join, then you will also get a notification if someone posts in that community. Click on the bell and it will open all of your activity. Click on each one and +1, reshare or comment back to them.

On the left hand side of the Google+ home page you will see a button that looks like this.

When you click on it, it will open up the Google+ menu and looks like this:

This is where you can set access your profile to make changes, find people, look at photos, join communities schedule events, join hangouts and create pages, which are like FB pages only they do more. We will explore that further in a separate lesson.

STEP 3. Play around. Now, you know how to get to everything, so this should get you started. The best way to learn is to get in there and just play around.

Until next time....


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