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Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review No Heaven

Flavored Reviews
by Ginger Gelsheimer

No Heaven
by Lex Allen

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What in the world would people do if Jesus really did come back?

4.5 stars

Brief synopsis: Jesus has come back to Earth and has a mission to stop a religious nuclear war. He wants people to understand that all the religions are based on untruths about who he really is and if he is the true Son of God. In order to carry out his mission, he must rely on a few of his ancient friends who have been reincarnated in present day.

As one may expect, when Jesus tries to communicate who he really is, he is met with certain disbelief. It doesn’t matter that he can speak a language that everyone can understand, heal the sick and bring back the near dead.

As a writer of conspiracy theory, I love to read other authors who delve into the unknown and push the imagination far outside the box. Lex Allen did a fantastic job creating the believable and hostile environment Jesus most likely would find himself in if he came back to Earth.

Originality: I thought No Heaven was originally and clever, giving Jesus a new story, but one that could have happened and one that would be believable to many, especially those that believe we are not alone in the universe.

Characters: Jesus was well-developed and I enjoyed his persona. Though he is “special”, he is realistic and down to Earth (no pun intended, well maybe). He laughs at jokes, he is caring and considerate, but he can also be a badass if he doesn’t get what he wants. I enjoyed the main characters Beth and Jack, each on a different side of the fence about who this long-haired hippy really was. Both already non-believers but when Jesus starts performing impossible tricks, they must come to their own realization. Then there is poor Kate-hopefully she makes it out okay.

There were several “B” characters and plot lines that came into play because obviously when Jesus comes down, everyone has something at stake, rather you are highly religious or not. The ramifications of the end of the Church as people know it would turn the Earth upside down on its heels. Some things were left open-ended, but I am guessing they will come back in the sequel, No Hell.

I also thought Mr. Allen did a great job with the dialogue. It was realistic, catchy and clever.

Recommendation: This book goes well with red wine and hot bread for obvious reasons. I would highly recommend this series anyone who enjoys suspense and conspiracy.


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  1. Thanks for this great review, Ginger. "Red wine and hot bread", huh? Hell, yeah!