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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Authors' Cave Most Enticing Book Trailer Contest Entries 1-20

In the digital universe of publishing, we believe book trailers will become more and more the standard for marketing books. At Authors’ Cave, it is our job to encourage you to stay on the trending edge to get the most sales from your books. We want to show you examples of what is currently going on out there in the world of book trailers, so you can begin to think of ideas for your own books. To do that, we have created the...

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be displaying the book trailer entries here on this blog post and also around the Authors' Cave social media network. Which one is your favorite and makes you want to buy the book?

Voting is currently open! CLICK HERE!

Book Trailer #001

Shadow Over Avalon
by C. N. Lesley

Purchase Shadow Over Avalon

Book Trailer #002

Terms of Temptation
by Lorrie Farrelly

Purchase Terms of Temptation

Book Trailer #003

Broken Image
by Rene Schultz

Purchase Broken Image

Book Trailer #004

The Demons of Emily Eldritch

by Martin Adil-Smith

Purchase The Demons of Emily Eldritch

Book Trailer #005

Chaysing Dreams
by Jalpa Williby

Purchase Chaysing Dreams

Book Trailer #006

The Guardian of Secrets
by Jana Petken

Purchase The Guardian of Secrets

Book Trailer #007

Sunrise From An Icy Heart: A Memoir
by Claudette Alexander

Purchase Sunrise from an Icy Heart
Click here to watch trailer

Book Trailer #008

Bishop Street
by Rene Schultz

Purchase Bishop Street

Book Trailer #009

The Return
by Carter Vance

Purchase The Return

Book Trailer #010

Small Things

by Joe DeRouen

Click her to view the Small Things Trailer
Purchase Small Things

Book Trailer #011

A Gathering of Twine
by Martin Adil-Smith

Purchase A Gathering of Twine

Book Trailer #012

Chaysing Memories
by Jalpa Williby

Purchase Chaysing Memories

Book Trailer #013

Khaki = Killer
by Connie Corcoran Wilson

Purchase Khaki=Killer

Book Trailer #014

Threads (Small Things 2)
by Joe DeRouen

Click here to view the Threads trailer
Purchase Threads

Book Trailer #015

The Healing Powers of Coffee
by Cal Orey

Purchase The Healing Power of Coffee

Book Trailer #016

The Eleventh Hour Trilogy
by Kathryn Dionne

Purchase The Eleventh Hour Trilogy

Book Trailer #017

The Woodman 
by G.H. Bright

Click to view The Woodman trailer
Purchase The Woodman

Book Trailer #018

Colony Earth

by Regina M. Joseph

Click here to view Colony Earth trailer
Purchase Colony Earth

Book Trailer #019

Another Man's Treasure

by James V. O'Connor

Click here to view Another Man's Treasure trailer
Purchase Another Man's Treasure

Book Trailer #020

Sodom: A Nation on its Knees

by Pam Funke

Purchase Sodom: A Nation...

To see trailer entries #021 and above, click here.


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