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Friday, June 20, 2014

Save the Date! Authors' Cave Grand Launch Festival Day!

July 22, 2014

Mark your calendar and join the fun!

Our History

We started with 10 books, a few dozen authors and an “Active List”. To add a book to the list, the authors had to choose 3 books to read from the list and post an honest review to Amazon.

The list and group grew like wildfire and in less than 2 months, had reached its cap of 30 books. Now, we choose from 12 genres which are capped at 13 books each.

In less than a year, we have over 1,200 members and have generated more than
1,100 reviews and less than 3 months, have had nearly 12,000 visits

A common thread we heard from members was the lack of good information in one convenient location. They spent hours searching dozens of sites for everything they needed to get their book written and published. 

We are authors and did the same thing...and we tired, digging for a one-stop shop. To our dismay, we couldn't find one that had everything we wanted. NOT ONE! Many sites offered paid services and provided a few of the items, but no one had it all


The concept of 'authors helping authors' spawned Book Review Depot (BRD), which has become Authors' Cave. That concept has not changed. Authors' Cave is simply a much larger vision of BRD, and a one-stop shop for the things we find ourselves needing every time we write a book.

To celebrate our one year anniversary as an independent army of authors, will officially launch July 22, 2014 with 

Help us build it how you want it!

Become a member and start using it today. Your opinions matter and we would love to know the things that you would like to see it offer. We have many other ideas to implement and you can help us grow as you always have.

Do I need to be a Premium Member?

To see if General or Premium membership is right for you, click here. JOIN 

Premium membership's clock doesn't start ticking until Grand Launch Festival Day so every day is free between now and then!

To learn more about Authors' Cave, click here.


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