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Monday, July 7, 2014

Authors' Cave Most Enticing Book Trailer Contest Entries 21 - 33!

Do to the success and number of entries into the Most Enticing Book Trailer Contest, we have created this second blog post for the next twenty entries. If you missed the first post you may click here to view trailer entries #001-#020.  

If you would like to enter the contest, follow the link below.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be displaying the book trailer entries here on this blog post and also around the Authors' Cave social media network. Which one is your favorite and makes you want to buy the book?

Voting is currently open! CLICK HERE!

Book Trailer #021

Darkspire Reaches

by C.N. Lesley

Click here to view the Darkspire Reaches trailer

Purchase Darkspire Reaches

Book Trailer #022

The World at War
by Pam Funke

Click here to view The World at War trailer
Purchase the World at War

Book Trailer #023

The Riddle of Prague
by Laura DeBruce

Book Trailer #024

Operation Dark Angel
by Pam Funke

Purchase Operation Dark Angel

Book Trailer #025

Mel Goes to Hell
by Demelza Carlton

ARC is available 

Book Trailer #026

Tam Lin
by Heather Anne Osborne

Purchase Tam Lin

Book Trailer #027

A Valley Experience

by Pam Funke

Purchase A Valley Experience

Book Trailer #028

Through the Eyes of a Child

by Pam Funke

Purchase Through the Eyes of a Child

Book Trailer #029

At the End of the Line
by Kathryn Longino

Click here to view At the End of the Line trailer
Purchase At the End of the Line

Book Trailer #030

Blaming the Child
by K T Bowes

Purchase Blaming the Child

Book Trailer #031

The Fall
by L. Sommers

Click here to view The Fall trailer
Purchase The Fall

Book Trailer #032

Ephraim's Curious Device
by Lita Burke

Purchase Ephraim's Curious Device

Book Trailer #033

Children of Fire
by Mary Fonvielle

Purchase Children of Fire


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