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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Review Caught Off Guard Series

Flavored Reviews 
by Ginger Gelsheimer

Caught Off Guard Series
by L. Sommers

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5 stars!

A twist ... and a double triple twist!

Brief synopsis: In The Fall, Desiree Parker is independent, smart, beautiful...and she has a secret. So when she meets Liam, the guy of her dreams she's scared. Scared that he will break her heart because he's too good for her and scared that if he loves her and finds out her secret, he won't understand. Liam has a secret, too and it might just be too much.

In the sequel, The Hidden Truth, heck everyone has a secret! Just when you think you have it figured out, there's another twist!

Originality: I think it's hard to be original in the romance genre-it seems they are more about passion and chemistry, as they should be, but I did love the mix of romance and mystery and thought this added original flavor to the story. Not only am I chasing Liam with Desiree, but I am dying to know her secret. The author did a beautiful job weaving the mystery through the story line, never giving too much away. 

In The Hidden Truth, the secret comes out and Desiree will do anything to protect Liam, the love of her life, including leaving him behind. But what she's running from true? Sorry no spoilers!

Characters: Ms. Sommers did a wonderful job creating characters that drew me in right away. Liam is easy to love. He's well developed, rich, gorgeous and has a personality-not to mention a yacht and Mi Dulce Angel! I enjoyed Desiree's character as well. I am not much for damsel in distress type leading ladies, so Desiree is refreshing. She's also not one of those blind fools that leaves caution completely to the wind.

In The Hidden Truth, Desiree has a major quirk - she insists on handling her dire issues herself. If she could only trust in those who love her, she would not get herself in so much hot water. We see a different side of Liam, desperate in love, passionate and helpless that he can't help Desiree when she disappears to save him!

Recommendation: This goes well with fine wine, anything covered in truffle oil and a night on the water! I highly recommend the Caught Off Guard Series if you like a great romance that will sweep you away.

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