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Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Review Blaming the Child

Flavored Reviews 
by Ginger Gelsheimer

Blaming the Child
by K T Bowes

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5 stars!!!

What else could possibly happen?

Brief synopsis: Callie is a 16-year old caught up in the chaos of life with two parents that work all the time. They have forced her to be the childminder an no one seems to care if she has time for her own studies or her own life. She's all but forgotten about in the busy hustle and bustle of her parents, or is there something more? A deep dark secret that has been kept from her? A reason why her own mother can hardly look into her eyes?

Callie has to bust out and find herself and she takes an interest in the forbidden "too good" neighbor, Declan - or rather he takes an interest in her. She has no choice but to lean on him when she makes a break for a new life, but realizes quickly that things aren't always greener on the other side and danger awaits her after they stumble on something they shouldn't have.

The story was riveting and held a wonderful emotional depth as you feel Callie's pain from life and struggle with her as she demands to persevere.

Characters: The characters were crafted with excellence. They were real and easy to relate to or sympathize with. I found myself wanting to hug Callie at one point and adopt her into my own family. To see anyone suffer from the lack of feeling like someone on the planet loves you is heartbreaking. The poor girl has one jab after another, yet she is strong. She has her secret vice, cutting, which helps release her pain that screams from within, but we grow with her and watch her regain control of her life that was spiraling.

Declan is a wonderful support character. He is the one thing that makes Callie feel special, even though she fights him every step of the way. He's good looking, smart, athletic, but his mom and his friends hate her. He bonds with her, understanding her loss of her older brother since he lost his father and the bond keeps them strong through thick and thin. He's selfless and will do anything to protect her.

Originality: I thought the story was original and creative with a new twist at every turn. Just when I thought I had things figured out, another monkey wrench flew into the mix. There are lots of stories about troubled teens and the problems that they face, but this one traveled through so many elements. Crazy domestic life as the older sibling that gets crammed with all duties, runaway into the dangerous bush coming face to face with real bad guys - not just those darn parents,  then taking responsibility for creating a new life with a future by grasping the situation and starting anew and then completing the circle of returning to her roots, her family who loved her all along.

Recommendations: This would have to go with flourless chocolate cake in support of 'gluten-free' life that Callie and Jase live in.  I would highly recommend Blaming the Child to anyone who likes a story of triumph and suspense. The story kept me turning pages to what else might happen to this poor girl, knowing that she would manage to get herself out. 


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