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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book Review Ocean's Gift - Turbulence and Triumph Prequel Series

Flavored Reviews from the Indie Universe
by Ginger Gelsheimer

Ocean's Gift - Turbulence and Triumph Prequel Series
by Demelza Carlton

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5 Stars!

Loved the view through the eyes of a mermaid!

Brief Synopsis: Ocean's Justice immediately enticed me into the wonderfully woven tale of Maria, the siren of the sea as she navigates her new life, banished from her home at only eighteen. We are teased with the mystery of why a man died at her hands and why she can no longer remain home. Her tale, told through the Turbulence and Triumph series which includes three novellas: Ocean's Justice, Ocean's Trial and Ocean's Triumph, follows her as she survives the storms and monsters of the sea (Maria would laugh at that comment for she knows who the real monster is) and learns to live as a human under the wing of Aunt Merry. Her heart aches for William, the blue-eyed man who saved her from her banished life but was taken from her. Will she ever find him again? 

Originality: This is the first book I have ever read about a mermaid - other than Disney's Little Mermaid-Ha! and this is no bedtime story for kids...oh, no, this is a fantastic, steamy tale for grownups, full of magic, fantasy, and the love and desire a siren mermaid has for the gorgeous human William who stole her heart and left her far too soon. The story is creative and the heroine, Maria, is a baddass who isn't the typical fairy princess. This is fish girl who works in the fish market with the men and can drop one of them if they look at her wrong. She works hard so she can one day try to find her lover that may or may not have survived their shipwreck.

Characters: Maria has to be one of my favorite heroines. When we first meet her, she can hardly speak a word of English, so we have a fantastic arc as her character grows and as she navigates the journey of her new life. She uses Kama Sutra to learn to read, how can you not love her? She finds herself the prey of some bad guys along her adventure, but is never afraid and loves to taunt them, almost encouraging them to come at her. She is magical with her song that can turn away sharks and put vulgar men to sleep and she is confident...but heart broken.

Recommendation: This series goes with Wahoo and a cold glass of White Oak Chardonnay. I highly recommend the series for anyone who enjoys a fun-filled fantasy adventure, complete with mermaids, gossiping dolphins, hunky sailors and a terrific tale surrounding the ocean blue! The series is a fantastic prequel to the Ocean's Gift trilogy!


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