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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Authors' Cave Book Award Winners

Sonia De Leon 
Grand Prize Winner 
of the 
Authors' Cave First Annual Book Awards 
for her novel
 The Blue Amaryllis!

We are happy to announce Sonia and The Blue Amaryllis as the Grand Prize winner of the  
2014 Authors' Cave Book Awards Contest.

The Blue Amaryllis took first overall in the judging categories and member voting! 

The categories included:
The presence of a Table of Contents
Proper Formatting
Proper proofreading and editing
Character Development
Ease of Reading/Flow of the story

We also extend our congratulations 
to the winners in each genre!

Lorrie Farrelly - Timelapse (Mystery Suspence / Time Travel)

K T Bowes - Blaming the Child (Romance)

March McCarron - Division of the Marked (Fantasy / Mythical)

Demelza Carlton - See You in Hell (Urban Contemporary)

Thank you to all of those of you who entered! There were a lot of fantastic books submitted and the competition was fierce!


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