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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Haunting of Hunter Book Media Kit

Check out this fantastic media kit from Authors' Cave! 
This one is for The Haunting of Hunter by Tracie Jules!

Don't send your masterpiece out in an ordinary package! Add some sizzle! 

As you have probably learned by now, or will soon, posting book links all over the social media network does very little to sell books. You've got to get the attention of your audience.

Stand out in the crowd!

Millions of authors are posting their book links again and again and again. Self-published authors have worn out the readers on social media, so you have to do something different to gain attention.

Authors' Cave can create a media kit for your book starting at only $150! ($125 for Premium Members) Add a trailer for the low package price of $425! ($350 for Premium Members)

For more information, click here!

Do yourself a favor and dare to be different!


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