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Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review Chaysing Dreams & Chaysing Memories

Flavored Reviews 
by Ginger Gelsheimer

Chaysing Dreams & Chaysing Memories
by Jalpa Williby

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5 Stars!

Their lives are as perfect as the Cleavers until...

Brief Synopsis: Tess is living a fairy tale life, perfect in every way. She's beautiful, plays varsity basketball, has the perfect parents and family life, never gets into trouble, is her school valedictorian and has gorgeous guys fighting for her attention... just about the time I was thinking things are just too perfect...BAM. It was like a roller coaster ride when you are going up that first steep hill and you can see for miles everywhere, the entire city is beautiful, the trees, the sky, yet with every click, the anticipation builds because you know something big is coming. 

In Chaysing Dreams, we follow Tess through a "coming of age" tale from the time she is 15 until after she graduates from college. We feel her joy from her early successes and her tremendous pain through the tragedies to come. There's something different about her, but even she doesn't know what it is. Tess has recurring nightmares and can feel something coming, and the dark cloud she begins to see lets her know for certain. Then, on her 16th birthday, she meets a "special" friend who is always there for her even when she doesn't know it. She learns that she loves him over the years, but the mystery that draws her to him will never let them be together for long. There will be only one way to save her...and Tess isn't going to like it.

In Chaysing Memories, Tess and Chayse are back. Tess can't remember the most important sting of her life, and Chayse is so weak and beaten down, he can't speak and hardly knows what is happening around him. It's Tess's turn to become the hero, but in order to help, she must fill in some of her own missing pieces.

Originality: I thought Ms. Williby did a wonderful job bringing creativity and originality to romance. Chaysing Dreams and Chaysing Memories are far more than a Saturday at the beach romance series. It's the kind of story that will make you walk into a glass door because you won't look up from the page long enough. She has sprinkled the romance with intense suspense, action, emotional battles of what's right and wrong and even has a small dash of something science fiction.

Characters: I thought the characters were well developed and I enjoyed watching Tess turn from the naive teenager that only knew silver linings to the confident fighter that would do anything to save the man she loves... and then in the sequel, to be willing to die and become a major part of an effort to save him. Once again, Ms. Williby does a great job with her secondary characters in Chaysing Memories with Miles and Tanya. I totally didn't see that coming - shhhh, no spoilers!

Recommendation: Break out a good Cab-Silver Oak is my favorite-for this one. Plenty of steam to go along with the rest of the thrill ride. I highly recommend Chaysing Dreams and Chaysing Memories to anyone who loves a great romance adventure.


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Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Review Tent City Series

Flavored Reviews from the Indie Universe
by Ginger Gelsheimer

Tent City Series
by Kelly Van Hull

It is NOT over until the fat lady sings!

5 stars!

Brief synopsis: Life is not easy for Dani and her family after "The Council" takes over this dystopian world. No one is safe, especially children, and Dani is forced to take her little brother and best friend Kit away from home to a secret place. Along the way, they meet Jack, the good looking healer. He's got her attention, but she has other things to do. Jack is just the beginning of a cast of characters that are all drawn together for some mysterious purpose. NO SPOILERS!

There are two books in the series. Tent City and the sequel Red River.

In Tent City, we learn about the new life Dani, Brody and Kit must live away from home. Lucky for them, they stumble upon a group of young people who are willing to share their "tent city" home. Here they meet Bentley. Dani already can't stop thinking about Jack, but now there's Bentley? Even in the middle of chaos, this adventure finds it's love triangle. I  have to admit, I was on Team Jack for book 1.

Red River takes off right where Tent City left off. And holy camoli, this thing gets going and never stops. It twists and turns and leaves you guessing and don't even think for one minute, you have figured Dani or this story out! Easily read in one sitting, especially once you fear death is certain for some of your favorite characters! Chapter 10 - Kelly Van Hull, you know what I'm talking about!

Originality: The author did a magnificent job creating an original adventure story that made me a nervous wreck for most of the book! The descriptions were beautifully written, even if the scene itself might have been rancid! Some of the things these poor kids had to deal with! The visuals pulled me into the story, and I felt like I was there with Dani as she navigated through the insane new world she found herself living in. 

Characters: I thought the character development was excellent! By the end of the second book, I was as confused as Dani as to who I wanted her to end up with. I missed Jack at first because I was so drawn to him in book 1! Don't be a hater, Bentley fans...wait! But, as I got to know Bentley more in book 2, I really loved him too. He does bring Dani to life when he's near. And then there came Milo... Hannah is so good and you just want everything to turn out good for her. But what about Jack?  See what I mean! Loved them all! - even the mysterious wolf, Waite!

Recommendation: This goes well with fireside cooking! A great fire and fantastic story to tell. I highly recommend this series for you YA lovers whether it's dystopian, romance or adventure! This one has it all!


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review A Demon's Quest: The Beginning of the End

Flavored Reviews 
by Ginger Gelsheimer

A Demon's Quest: The Beginning of the End
by Charles Carfagno, Jr.

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5 stars!

Wild, magical fantasy in the spirit of Dungeons and Dragons!

Brief synopsis: A Demon's Quest: The Beginning of the End kicks off the 3 volume Fantasy collection with a bang! I was drawn in quickly with the magic of Gilex and can't wait to find out how things go with the Blood Knights and his war on Togan. Then we are taken into the situations of Torhan and Jacko and it begins to have a slight taste of Game of Thrones, where I can imagine how these groups and other fantastical characters are going to eventually come together in later volumes. Interesting things are drawing people to the town of Mirkin.

Originality: The author has done a wonderful job creating an original fantasy tale and is able to paint the vision of the adventure in the reader's head with just the right pace. The fight scenes are fast and engaging and not overdone. Danger is at every turn with everything from giant ants to nasty half swine/half men warriors. As this is the first volume, I do not know where the story will take us, but I am definitely sticking around for this ride.

Characters & Plot: The author crafted interesting characters that drew me in right away. Each group that I met along the way had their own story happening that was interesting in itself. My favorite was probably Gilex because he was unpredictable and I love the magic he was engaging in. He was also the most mysterious. Then there is Torhan, who is worried for his friend Jacko and gets drawn into his own mystery when a magical scabbard and dagger mysteriously appear in his room. The owner is dead and someone must answer for the murder. Then there is Jacko who is training hard to climb the ranks of the robes, but has to embark on a new mission after someone close to him is killed.

Recommendation: This goes well with a stein of ale and wild game! I highly recommend A Demon's Quest: The Beginning of the End if you enjoy edge of your seat fantasy adventures that twist and twine through an epic story.


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