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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Try this to treat a pet's abscess.

So, I thought this was worth sharing as it saved me potentially $800. My dog Arnold came up with an abscess on the flap of his left ear that grew to about the half the size of a golf ball, maybe a little smaller. There were no obvious wounds or scabs that I could detect. He also wasn't bothering it, but obviously it needed some sort of treatment to go away.

Well, a few years before, my cat Spooky had an abscess about the same size. I promptly took him to the vet where they recommended and ultimately knocked him out to lance and scar his ear so it wouldn't come back. That bill was over $800.

So, this time I turned to Google and did some research, and one of the remedies I found to try was to apply a warm compress to the abscess. I tried this for a couple of days, and nothing changed for the worse or better. Then, I remembered a remedy that my daughter Taylor uses for an oncoming stye on her eye that makes it go away before it really even starts: black and green tea bags!

I tried the black and green tea bags for Arnold's ear, heating the tea bags in a cup of water for about a minute and fifteen seconds, making sure it wasn't to hot, and then applying one to each side of the flap for about 5 minutes, and within two evenings, I noticed a decrease in the size. I continued to apply the tea bags once per day and after five days, the abscess is almost gone.

I would like to note that if your pet has obvious pain or severe infection, you should seek a veterinarian's assistance, but if your pet is like Arnold without the pain or infection, give it a try! It might save you a bundle!


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