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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Steak Journal: Episode 1

So was bonus time at work and I decided to reward myself with a little treat...okay a big treat! My poor old grill had seen its last days. I had kept it going with replacement parts for maybe 6 years, but it was Sweeps time and it had to go to the curb. I was absolutely ready to buy the exact same replacement grill for around $270 plus tax, but to my surprise, it had been discontinued, along with every other model that was close to it. Hmmmm.... Not sure why they had discontinued it as I really enjoyed the grill, but moving on. Did my research. First thing, I went and looked at the Green Egg. I had friends that had bought it and loved it so though it was worth looking into. Oh and Green Eggs and Ham was the first book I ever learned to read by myself :) ha ha!... Then I found the Nexgrill-6 burner, plus side searer, plus rear burner, plus rotisserie and fell in love! I had to have it!  Check out the cool blue LED lights below!

Yes, it cost double what I originally planned to spend, but this is my happy place! I love to grill I cook more on the grill than I do on the stove. Funny story, but I actually had a second chance to think about whether or not I really wanted to pay the freight when my credit card flagged my initial purchase as a potential fraud or stolen card, so I had 24 hours to rethink. YEP I BOUGHT IT!  I LOVE IT!  

So, as most people know, when you get a new grill, you do have to get to know it. I was so excited to get that first steak and test out the searer so I go to my local butcher. "Hi! Just got brand new grill. What do you think I should break it in with."

He gives me that smile that a parent gives to a naive child. "Well, I wouldn't go expensive because you always have to get to know the grill so the chances that the first one you cook are going to come out exactly like you want it are slim. DAMN! He was sooo right.

So, now I take off on the amazing journey to grill the perfect steak! I will come back and post my notes each time I make a new steak with the critique and recipe of the version I made in case you want to take the journey with me!

Check back soon for the latest most awesome steak.

OKAY guys. I have made two versions now and have two great stories but I need to craft them so look back soon for posting and I will try version 3 journey toward the perfect steak!

All for now! Hopefully, your life is one iota easier now :)


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