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Authors' Cave "How to" FAQ's

How do I get my book on the current Active List? 
  • First, choose 7 books from Authors' Cave Current Active List to read and review at Amazon at minimum (many of our members will also post reviews to the other Amazon country sites (, .de, .ca, etc), Goodreads and Smashwords, as well as their own blogs and websites. 
Who do I tell when I have completed a review?
  • When you are ready to submit a review, enter it here.
What is the waiting queue?
  • The Active List is broken into 11 genres. Each genre is capped at 13 books, so any books that have earned their post after the current genre is full, stay on the waiting queue until a book in that genre receives its 10 reviews and rotates off.
How many reviews will I get for my book once it is on the Active List?
  • Books stay on the current eligible list for review until they receive 10 reviews or until they have been on the list for 365 days. After March 31, 2015, books will come off the list after 270 days. 
How long does it take to get onto the Active List?
  • It depends on which genre your book falls under. Fantasy and Science Fiction are more popular genres, so the waiting time will be longer, possibly 60-90 days.
What does it mean when a book is "Hot"?
  • A book turns hot when it has received 7 reviews. At this time, in order to be guaranteed a review credit, you must claim one of the last 3 review spots.
How many books can I claim at once? How long can I hold them?
  • Two books may be claimed at a time. Please read claimed books within 10 days.
Do I have to purchase the books that I read?
  • Yes, you must purchase (or download on free offer days) the books that you want to read and review. This has been an added benefit of the group and members have been willing to pay for the ones they choose. We also believe there is a good chance Amazon will likely pull reviews that are not from verified purchases or downloads at some point. One exception is if the author is offering ARC's in advance of their launch. In this case it will be noted in the Active List spreadsheet.
Can I review the same book in this group and other groups and get credit?
  • Please be courteous. As you would not want a review to count twice for your book, neither do they. I do not have a way to monitor all groups obviously, but I ask you to go by the honor system, and if you have reviewed a book from the list for another group, please do not claim it here. 
Can I routinely post, or spam, my own book to the various Authors' Cave sites even if I am not on the list? 
  • NO! Never! Two offenses will result in removal from the group.

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